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  • 2018-09-21
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  • BY Er. Harminder Singh

The Impact

The kind of impact which Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence is creating can change the modern architecture of a building a city and even the world. IOT and AI are enabling and changing the way machine connect to machine and to human and to the gizmo. The device in our hand which we are handling is going to be the most powerful device. It has potential to transform the world.

  • 2018-09-13
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  • BY Er Rishi Singh

Social Media Marketing

The new way of marketing is SMM before executives going to the market they make their presence online because people or the general public is more active on social media than offline. Brands get more traffic or attention through social media. Industries target everyone including customers current and potential employees journalist bloggers etc. It helps you setting up the culture or tone of the brand.

  • 2018-09-07
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  • BY Er. Rishi Singh

Future Farms Small And Smart

Imagine farming done to be controlled through a device of daily use that is phone such as removing wastage of water and maintaining temperature. Apps, gadgets and you controlling your farming just sitting at your home. Your own field sending notification about field and their properties.

  • 2018-08-31
  • |
  • BY Er. Simranjeet Singh


Everything around us or the things which we can imagine can be upgraded to something smart, whether it is a home, transportation, business or be a city. The only key which can make this possible is IOT.

  • 2018-08-29
  • |
  • BY Er. Purna Gupta


Nowadays everything is becoming smart, then why not homes. Imagine if we can control everything and every gadget in our home. We can control with our gizmo and attain peace. Control has been the most needed necessity of human life.

  • 2018-08-17
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  • BY Er Rishi Singh

Data Never Sleeps

The worlds technological per capita capacity to store information has roughly doubled every 40 months since the 1980s as of 2012, everyday 2.5 exabyte. The global data volume will grow exponentially from 4.4 zettabytes to 44 zettabytes between 2013 to 2020. Big Sharks like Microsoft and Google are now developing techniques to store data under water to control the heat exerted by the storage devices.

  • 2018-08-13
  • |
  • BY Er Amandeep Srivastava

Cell Media is All Over

From last 18 years the world has changed. The way of looking in to new technologies and adopting it as trend has been changed. Cell Media is taking over all the technologies and it is now up to every new gadget in the world.

  • 2018-08-06
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  • BY Er Amandeep Srivastava

Wifi and The World

Now the whole world is connected each and every device is connected and giving a response to the people in a software or on a mobile application. This generation is now restless and curious to know every thing and want to control every device with their own mobile. Black Eye Technologies creates new sensors and devices which helps the user to interact with devices by a remote or on their phone.