Learn Tech Labs

An Educational Research Center For Artificial Intelligence And Internet Of Things (IOT) With Machine Learning and Sensor enabled technology. With the help of Smart Gears people are living very comfortable life. We at Learn Tech Lab provide training and research module to built new smart devices, technology and dynamic algorithms for technical solutions. With the help of dynamic programming languages like python, embedded-c and advance IOT environment, we are developing high grade algorithms for machine learning and robotics.

Currently we are working on maswsive parallel processing of artificial neural networks. In this research center we provide practical projections of the algorithms with the help of sensors, self-build sensors, micro-controllers and micro-processors. Here at Learn Tech Labs we provide Research Curriculum for the following durations.

  • 3 Days Workshop
  • 45 days Sensor Tech Beginner Program
  • 6 Months Sensor Tech Intemediate Program
  • 1 Year Sensor Tech Expert Program
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