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We are Researching and Manufacturing Smart IOT (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence enabled devices in the B2B Business in the field of Smart Agriculture, Defense, Automobile, Bio-Technology, Advance Medical Equipment Development, Environmental Devices & much more. We have an electronics manufacturing division we are designing and developing high quality PCB (Printed Circuit Boards), Electronics Sensors and Microprocessor.

Research & Manufacturing

Research & Manufacturing

Smart IOT Devices

We design and develop smart IOT enabled devices for agriculture, industry automation, defense, automobile and health-care sector.

Drones & Robotics

We design and manufacture small and light size drones which includes various services, we are also researching on bio inspired robots.

Artificial Intelligence

We know what the word ‘Intelligence’ is the ability to perceive, understand, predict and manipulate to solve problems in a world. We offer New AI enabled products that can help to improve the digital society.

Machine Learning

With the data generate by IOT and AI devices, manufactured by us we are solving major daily life problems with the help of Machine learning.

Data Analytics

We are generating data of various segments and collaborating that data with our IOT devices to make a fully functional AI system.

NLP & Neuromorphic Computing

Research division is working on Natural Language Processing and Analyzing the brain behaviour for various activities.

Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

We Design Develop and Manufacture all kind of PCB. We manufature quality make in India PCB products of all segments.Click Here for PCB Product Portfolio

Smart Electronic Sensors

We are designing and developing best kind of electronics sensors and microprocessors for all kind of sectors.Click here for Sensor Portfolio

IOT enables devices

We are developing smart IoT solutions in B2B business domain in the fields of Smart Agriculture, Defense, Automobile, Bio-Technology, Medical Equipment, Environmental Devices etc.Click here for IOT Products Portfolio

Incubators & Collaborators

Incubators & Collaborators